Safe Schools

John P. Robarts Public School

2024-2025 Safe and Inclusive School Planlearning triangle

Our school is committed to providing all students with a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment free from bullying and harassment that promotes respect, acceptance, and empathy. 

Staff, students, parents and caregivers, and community partners will work together as a team to help make our school safe and welcoming for everyone. 

The Safe and Inclusive School Plan highlights some of the key actions that our school community will put in place as part of our bullying prevention and intervention efforts. 

Key Priorities and Goals

This year we are focusing on building and maintaining healthy relationships with an emphasis on resolving peer conflictsOur purpose is to improve academic achievement and student well-being. 

Key Actions or Strategies

  1. Upholding the values of relationships through the Essential Conditions for Learning.  ( 

  2. Building accountability through whole-school monthly assemblies focusing on character traits and learning skills

Community and Home Connections

  • Monthly newsletters that provide parents with opportunities to connect with their child about what is happening at school.   

  • Collaborate with the Home and School Association throughout the year to focus on educating the community about resources available to them. 

  • Engage in conversations with your child about acts of disrespect and unsafe behaviours.   

  • Encourage your child to guide you through their Classroom Based Online Learning Platform. 

  • Check out this resource Rams Choices about speaking up and being a supportive ally.